six reasons to shop second hand

six reasons to shop second hand

There's been a huge shift in attitude towards second hand shopping in recent years and, thankfully, it looks like it's here to stay.


But if you're still on the fence, or need a good reason to shop preloved, we've got six brilliant ones right here...


You're helping the planet

According to the charity Clothes Aid, 350,000 tons of wearable clothing goes to landfill in the UK every year - a waste worth around £140m. By choosing to make one preloved purchase, you’re preventing that item potentially ending up in landfill. Extending the life cycle of clothes that are already in circulation really is the best thing we can do!


Find amazing labels at bargain prices

Another amazing thing about buying second hand is that someone else has already paid full price for you! It really is the perfect way to find those luxury labels without the designer price tag.

At reworn collective, we source pieces from premium brands and offer them to you at affordable prices.


Support charitable initiatives

Shopping second hand is often a way to show additional support to various charitable initiatives. Of course there are the many second hand charity shops on the high street, but many other independent shops and sellers give a percentage of sales to charity too.

At reworn collective we've committed to furthering our environmental efforts by working with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every single product sold via our site.


Style over trends

Shopping second hand is such a great way to develop your personal style and hunt for those items that really reflect your personality.

Without the restriction of prescribed trends, it’s so much fun navigating your own style and hunting for the best clothes to express that.


It’s great for your wallet!

There really are some incredible bargains to be found out there - it might just require a little digging and some patience, but we promise if you stick with it you will find some real diamond pieces.

Nothing beats the feeling of finding something you love at an amazing price!


Reduce demands for fast fashion

Fast fashion is all about supply and demand.

If the need and desire for purchasing this type of clothing starts to disappear, then so will the need to manufacture it.

It’s all about promoting sustainable fashion and shopping preloved is the best way to do that!

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